The Product Manager Handbook


The Product Manager Handbook contains 10 thorough and insightful interviews from top Silicon-Valley product managers and executives. In addition, the Handbook contains featured advice on getting a job as a Product Manager from best-selling author Gayle McDowell.

Featured Content:

How to Get a Job as a Product Manager
Gayle McDowell, author of “Cracking the Coding Interview” (and ex-Google, Microsoft, and Apple engineer)
Jackie Bavaro, Product Manager at Asana (and ex-Google and Microsoft PM)

Special thanks to Gayle Laakmann McDowell and Jackie Bavaro for contributing to our handbook. You can learn more about their thoughts on how to land and excel in a Product or Program Manager job and interview through their book “Cracking the PM Interview,” which is available on Amazon here.

Handbook Interviews:

Jeremy Carr
ClearSlide (previous: Palantir, StyleMob, Videoegg)

Jason Shah

Luke Segars

Lily He
Work Market

Sunil Saha
Perkville (previous: Yahoo!, LinkedIn)

Sean Gabriel

David Shein
Facebook (previous: McKinsey and Company)

Paul Rosania

Layla Amjadi
Facebook (previous: The Bridgespan Group)

Avichal Garg
Facebook (previous: Spool, PrepMe, Google)

Companion Interview:
After The PM Handbook was released, we conducted an additional interview with Ellen Chisa, PM at Kickstarter, and released it to our subscribers. You can check it out here.